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85% of full-time workers across the world sleepwalk through their day*: no passion, no connection, no meaning.

They hate their job, or are emotionally disconnected.

That’s more than 8 people out of 10.

And that’s just an average…

If you don’t want to be a new piece in those statistics, you need to take matters into your own hands.

It means… you need to bring your identity and passion into action.

And that’s our mission: to empower young minds to be who they are and all they can be.

So PERSED is not just a blog, it’s a movement for self-actualization through personal education.

And this where it begins: a virtual learning space.

It’s everywhere you are, whenever you need it.


PERSED’s blog offers you a zest of inspiration in your Inbox and a thought that accompanies you every day, through education and work, through your own personal path, to help you get the best out of your experiences.

The blog promises a weekly rendez-vous with insights for improvement and a monthly moment of inspiration.

Here’s an example of what a weekly digest can look like: insights on the power of practice and commitment and its influence on improvement.

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